Course creation


Course creation 

With Voluxion Pro LCMS, each client has at their disposal a unique and different methodology, giving classes with courses tailor-made to suit all their needs and requirements.

Easily choose materials and exercises to personalize your language training and adapt courses to your training needs

Complete personalization of your own content and courses. Amplify and develop your own methodology for teaching English. Generate SCORM/AICC format English courses quickly and efficiently.

Also, give your own blended and online courses, automatically through the educational platform Voluxion pro, especially designed for language training. Voluxion pro will intuitively manage your courses, making all the information available to your students in one single place.

With our solution Voluxion pro LCMS you have access to an authoring tool allowing you to create courses and combining your in-class lessons with the most advanced methodology to date. Easily generate your own multimedia courses for in-class, blended or online learning.

Voluxion pro  gives you the control to create language courses that are 100% adapted to the tastes of your training staff.

Create a learning experience that stands out from the rest. A goal easier to reach than ever before with the LCMS Voluxion pro

Tailor-made language course creation for your center in just one click

LCMS Voluxion pro  has a vast range of tools for language  creation courses, all meeting SCORM/AICC standards. It gives you freedom to generate your own personalized courses using  your own content for a multitude of different activities and exercises, all in varying interactive formats. A selection of pre-designed templates are also available to make the creative process effortless.

This LCMS also supports content modifications as well as the generation of completely original materials allowing you to adapt any course to the needs and requirements of your students or educational center.

The quickest and easiest way to change each lesson to how you want. Safe in the knowledge that all personalized content always monitors and analyses your students’ progress, from any device.


LCMS Voluxion Course Creation
Voluxion LCMS 100 Personalization

100% Personalization

  • Create your courses to be combined with content developed by the educational staff
  • Create open-ended exercises such as long texts or voice recordings (available in different pre-designed templates).
  • Create and evaluate in your own time the different exercises and tests.
  • Modify or add to lesson content already created or included
  • Easily incorporate documents in various formats, videos or links to compliment your courses
  • Brand Identity: Personalize your courses with the corporate identity of your educational center
  • Centralized management of the complete training package, timetables, reservations and attendance.

Personalized tests to evaluate your students

With Voluxion pro the teacher has control of all the editing tools needed to the create tests included in the courses, modifying and adapting each element as per their needs.

Easily create your own progress and final tests.

Save time in correcting exams and exercises by automating the follow up and evaluation of your students.

  • A detailed insight into the specific objectives proposed in each course.
  • The main objectives reached shown in each lesson.
  • The teacher can identify group weaknesses to work on in-class.
  • Automatic suggestions for in-class reviews of any necessary points.
Voluxion LCMS Create test to evaluate students