Authoring Tool

Create learning experiences that stand out from the rest

Easily choose materials and exercises to personalize your language training and adapt courses to your training needs.


Collaborative work

Individual logins for each of your teachers that allow them to collaborate together in the development of activities and share them easily

Professional and responsive look

Multimedia, interactive and self-assessment exercises with a professional finish that looks good on any screen (PC, smartphone, tablet)

Cloud Technology

Synchronize your courses in the cloud to work on your developments from anywhere connected to the network (from the center, from home, on the go …)

With Voluxion Authoring Tool, each client has at their disposal a unique and different methodology, giving classes with courses tailor-made to suit all their needs and requirements.

Voluxion Authoring Tool

Your own methodology

Complete personalization of your own content and courses. Amplify and develop your own methodology. Stay in control of updates and customize content at any time to quickly adapt to changes. Store all the content created by your teachers to use course after course.

All your resources in one place

Voluxion Authoring Tool allows you to create your libraries of images, videos, targets or vocabulary to use your materials easily.


Sample exercises to get your started from day one

Exercises classified by levels, CEFR A1-C1 and objectives to quickly use them into your courses.


Great variety of templates

Tempalates to easily generate completely original materials integrating YouTube videos, showcases, dictation, pairs, sentence sort, word highlight, crosswords, video slides…).


Save time in correcting exams and exercises

Easily create your own progress and final tests with automatic evaluation.

Flashcards and animations

Voice recognition, writing exercises and animtated cartoons for K-12 education

Create a learning experience that stands out from the rest is easier than ever with Voluxion Authoring Tool