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Learning Platform: LCMS

Provides the management of content and resources that facilitate student learning

Manage, create and maximise your content and courses easily. Voluxion Pro, our advanced learning platform, is designed so that your language centre can efficiently manage everything related to language learning, integrating all resources in one place, and offering maximum freedom in the creation of your courses and language learning content.

With Voluxion Pro, anything is possible:

cae crea contenidos

Create all your content and class materials just with one click

Designing customized courses according to SCORM/AICC standards, using the content developed in your centre in any format.

Upload documents in a variety of formats, videos or links to compliment your courses.



Customizable, multilingual and multi-tenant

Voluxion Pro educational platform can be fully customized to your corporate identity including URL, the logo, color scheme, and other features personalized to your specific needs.

Effortlessly configure platform language. Languages available: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Italian, and Arabic.

A multi-domain platform allows you to create different LCMS websites, with different identities, under one master  account with no additional installations required.


formato semanal clases lms

Organize your weekly classes easily

Easily organise and control weekly classes that each student has with different teachers.

Set the start and end of the course, course title, the subject and title of each class for the student teacher’s guide, establishing the weekly classes with teacher and materials.



Create your own personalized test and evaluate your students through the platform

Create your own progress and final test under IMS / QTI standard with multiple question formats.

Save time correcting exams and exercises with automated tracking and evaluation of students:

  • Detailed vision of the concrete objectives which the course intends to achieve.
  • Display the main objectives which were obtained in each lesson.
  • The teacher identifies the deficiencies within the groups in order to work on them in the face to face classes.
  • Automatic suggestions of what points might be necessary to revise in the classroom.

creacion de test lms

evaluación y seguimiento dexway analytics

Easily track and evaluate your students

Create and schedule periodic or instantaneous reports, summarized or in full, and export in PDF or CSV, alongside thorough student tracking.

You can also create your own tests and exams easily, and get the results from the platform.


Create and integrate your language materials

Create your own training activities, content and courses using your own resources and teaching materials.

Create training exercises using your current materials, uploading your own videos, sharing Youtube links or websites links, uploading files in different formats (Word, PDF, PPTs), etc.


materiales recursos

You can create your own courses with our materials and content while maintaining your own branding.

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