LCMS Voluxion pro

with Virtual Classroom


Easily Customize your training

With the Voluxion educational platform you can customize your solution choosing those additional services that fits your needs. The most advanced, a LCMS (Learning Content Management System) where you will be able to design your own teaching content, courses, test and which incorporates many useful features for your language school like Virtual classroom.

Virtual timetable management

Using our LCMS tool, Voluxion Pro allows you to create your own virtual class timetables. Students can choose their classes themselves in a virtual timetable.

Class timetables are posted beforehand so students can sign up before the start date, or at the beginning of the class if they haven’t signed up in advance.

The Voluxion Pro virtual classroom feature also has in-built student monitoring as well as reporting for teachers, so teachers can include marks or comments on student participation.

Level placement is also a key issue when creating classes. Our system groups students of a similar level together, saving valuable time for teachers.

virtual classrrooms

Fully integrated Virtual Classrooms

Teach integrated live classes with virtual classrooms, teaching virtual classes to individuals or groups as if it were in a real classroom. The virtual classrooms have a virtual whiteboard to share documents, videos, exercises or any application. You can also record your classes.

Compatible with Skype and telephony.